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Ashbourne Self Storage

Ashbourne Self Storage are a flexible & secure storage solution for personal and commercial customers.

The client

Ashbourne Self Storage provide secure, flexible, accessible & competitively priced storage solutions throughout Derbyshire.

The problem

Ashbourne Self Storage, being based in Ashbourne, a rural Derbyshire town, have battled with a poor internet service for the past few years. Their struggles stemmed from limited connectivity options being available to them due to their remote location. The lack of infrastructure meant a wired connection wasn’t a viable option for their business needs, as the distance from their local exchanges was too great.

The solution

We implemented a wireless satellite solution which allowed the business connectivity to flourish. The position of the business was suited to wireless connectivity, as they were able to gain a strong line of sight to the satellite. The new system increased the reliability and stability of the connection whilst also increasing the speed of their service by 40 times, offering improved connectivity from 0.5mb to 20mb.

As a business, we didn't fully understand the options available to us, onezo provided us with a solution that was explained to us in layman's terms of the benefits, the resulting success has gone beyond what we thought was possible due to our geographic location. Thanks Guys!

Operations Manager
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